Welcome to Christ Redeeming Community Church

Share God’s Word, Delight in Worship, and Be Willing to Serve

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Community Events

We’re active in our community. See all of our events and see how to get involved with our outreach.

Church Services

From Men’s Service to Bible Study, we offer a wide variety of services to help get everyone involved.

Watch Us Live

Can’t make it to the service in person? We post all of our services on Vimeo for that exact reason!


Donations / Tithes

Help us support our mission of spreading the word and doing the Lord’s work. All donations are welcome.

Growing Together in Christ

Our Mission:
We are to:
1) Speak the vision to the community.
2) Savor the vision in our worship.
3) Strengthen the vision through study and education.
4) Spread the vision through evangelism, ministry, and service.


Vision Statement:
We believe we are to impact the lives of families in our community with the message of Christ who redeemed us with His blood and transform lives through His Word.


Purpose Statement:
The purpose of Christ Redeeming Community Church is to equip God’s people to delight in His presence through worship and praise, long for Christ return, and declare His name to the community.

Upcoming Events